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White Dove Release

A White Dove Release is Joyous, Inspiring, and Uplifting 


A professional white dove release will turn your dream wedding into reality. Your wedding should be as beautiful, inspirational and meaningful as the depth of love and devotion between each of you. 


The doves will draw all eyes to the sky, with the fluttering grace of their wings, carrying hope and promise toward the heavens.

Releases are normally done at the end of the ceremony after the exchange of vows, rings and the first kiss. 



Wedding release

Two white doves flying off together, is a reminder of the couple beginning their new life together. 

Jan 8 2023 wedding
wedding doves reed

A flock release represents the support of family and friends as you begin this journey and will be a memorable part of your day.

Johnnys wedding

The bride and groom can release 2 doves by hand representing their love and commitment to each other

hand held doves
flying from Heart basket

Choose from many  beautiful baskets to release the doves

Dowel basket of doves
Wicker baskets
White basket of doves
White wings
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