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White Dove Release
Release Policy


 ​J & L Wings of White, places the health and safety of our bird's first and foremost. For this reason, we adhere to a humane release policy with strict provisions to protect our birds from dangerous circumstances.


  • We check the weather conditions at the event location and at the birds home loft prior to and during your event to make certain our birds will have a safe flight home. If strong winds or any type of inclement weather is expected that could hamper our birds' visibility or homing abilities we reserve the right to cancel a release. These occurrences are considered acts of God and are out of our control. ​

  • We will not release our birds in weather such as rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, extreme heat, heavy fog or smoke. 

  • We will not release our birds indoors, outdoors under a thick canopy of trees, near power lines, drones flying overhead or in the obvious presence of birds of prey.

  • Birds will not be released any later than two hours before sunset, or from a distance in which the birds cannot return home prior to sunset.

  • An experienced coordinator will accompany our birds to each event.  ​

  • ​We will ensure that appropriate attire is worn for all events, and that the release coordinator is 100% reliable and on time.

Our goal is to enhance your celebration with a flawless release and to ensure a safe flight home for our birds.

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